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Education & Training PREBA & Real Estate Training School Examinations

Although there are no Real Estate Agent and/or Broker Acts prescribing the required duties and responsibilities of a real estate agent and/or broker, PREBA and TREBA have made great efforts to regulate the rules of professional real estate practices and conduct in order to protect the real estate agent, the broker vocation and industry.

At the same time, PREBA and TREBA are able to eliminate any irresponsible, unethical and/or unprofessional company by regulating the rules and regulations of the association.

TREBA appointed a sub-committee (working group) for creating and drafting the Real Estate Training School examination questions, as the associations would like the general public to know that good and professional brokers can be identified for their professional practices by the associations as the controllers.

PREBA, TREBA and the Real Estate Training School are hopeful that this set of examination questions shall be a good starting point for the real estate broker vocation by the testing of their knowledge and understanding, so as to be in line with the international standards for real estate agents and brokers. This examination was produced in an effort to establish a standard for real estate agents and brokers.
Real Estate Training Course for Agents

For all agencies and/or persons wishing to join PREBA.

Examination Subjects

  • Real Estate Ethics
  • Real Estate Law
  • General Real Estate Knowledge

Real Estate Brokers pay 7,000 to 8,000 Baht per course, (which includes monthly workshops)

Real Estate Training Course and Real Estate Selling Techniques:

  • Trends within the Real Estate Brokerage business.
  • Ethics and Duties of Real Estate Agents.
  • Property Farming and Listing Techniques.
  • Asset Title Transfer and Tax Evaluation.
  • Marketing and advertising concepts and ideas.
  • Customer Qualifying.
  • Telephone and Customer service Techniques.
  • Techniques to deal with Customer inquiries.
  • Sales Presentation and Demonstration.
  • Techniques for resolving problems with Customers.
  • Asset Evaluation.
  • General Law for Brokers.
  • Land and House Valuation.
  • Real Estate Data-base Management and Administration.
  • Creating a Customer base.
  • Negotiation Techniques.
  • Closing Deals.
  • 15 Strategies for closing deals.

Real Estate Professional Course II

REF. Farming Techniques and Marketing Analysis

Real Estate Data-base Administration by MLS system

Property photos enhancement course using Adobe photo shop software, ACD See

REL. General Law and Building Law

RES. Customer Pre-Qualifying and Broker negotiation Techniques.

Education & Training

Education & Training

Education & Training