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Why become a Member?

We believe that real estate brokers should be licensed to practice, both to protect the consumer and to encourage and maintain high standards of service and knowledge. Membership of PREBA gives you the credibility of being part of a respected industry organisation and the opportunity to promote your qualifications through membership.


Join the only professional association for real estate brokers in Pattaya.
Joining PREBA shows your dedication to professionalism and becoming qualified within real estate. PREBA members are regulated and offer peace of mind to anyone looking to buy or sell property in Pattaya. Therefore advertising with the PREBA logo will directly benefit your business.

PREBA is Pattaya’s only professional body for real estate brokers with years of experience within this field. Our main functions include regulating, guiding and assisting property professionals across a wide range of disciplines. We also work to make the property market safer and easier to use and understand.

Member’s Benefits

Member benefits are a crucial part of our membership and we are constantly looking to offer the best benefits to our members.
Listed below are the core member benefits, which you gain directly through being a member of PREBA. We consider these to be integral to membership and the main reason to join us today.

Customer Confidence

Being a member of PREBA gives your clients confidence and peace of mind in that they are dealing with honest and reputable real estate professionals.

Enhanced Credibility

PREBA members can become members of Thai and international real estate organizations.

Training and Designations

PREBA in conjunction with The Real Estate Training School of Thailand conduct regular basic training courses for new PREBA members.
PREBA promotes and supports on-going education and subsequent qualifications for its members.

Use of Logos

All PREBA members will benefit from the use of the PREBA logo which shows the public that they are dealing with a reputable and professional real estate broker.

Strength and Security

PREBA membership will give your company strength and security within the real estate marketplace. PREBA has very high standards set by its internationally approved rules and regulations, codes of ethics and dispute resolution policies.

Marketing and Publicity

All PREBA members will gain invaluable publicity via the ‘Member Directory’ on the PREBA web site along with regular advertising campaigns within Pattaya.

Industry Information

PREBA members can benefit from receiving up to date international industry information.

Governmental Recognition

Many legal authorities, trade organisations and government departments are increasingly accepting PREBA as defining industry standards on a regional basis. Being a member of PREBA shows that your company is a member of a well established and respected real estate organisation with Thai Government recognition.

Strength in Networking
Being a member of PREBA shows that your company participates in, and benefits from, the Eastern Seaboard’s largest real estate network and information pool.

Become a Member

Become a Member

Become a Member